Notes from Ral Partha on their Kickstarter

The folks at Ral Partha / Iron Wind have been kind enough to send this information along to me, and I'm posting it here for everyone's reference:

Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars – Kickstarter Notes
  In celebration of Ral Partha's 40th Anniversary, Iron Wind Metals is re-igniting the Chaos Wars.  For the last 12 years, gamers and collectors have been contacting Iron Wind, asking for us to re-release the old Elves, Goblins, Orcs, etc.  So this is how we're hoping to get that ball rolling.
    This kickstarter is to get Wave 1 of the Chaos Wars releases produced.  The Dollar Goals are set to cover the cost of casting new masters, creating production molds, paying for the metal needed, and giving a pay-check to the many casters, mold makers, and personnel that a project like this requires.
    Wave 1 consists of 24 Elves and 24 Orcs and Goblins, from Ral Partha's original 01-Personalities, 02-Fantasy Collector, and 12-All-American ranges.
    Iron Wind is committed to continuing this project as long there remains enough interest to cover production costs.  If you look further down the page, you will see the outlined plan for the rest of the Chaos Wars Armies.  So if you've been hoping for us to bring back the old Chaos Warriors, or Doom Thumpers, or whatever, just look down the list and see what the future may hold.  When we meet our goal for this Kickstarter, once the obligations for this wave are met, we will pursue the releases of other armies through various means.  Everyone who participated in this Kickstarter will get a vote on what army comes next.  Iron Wind looks forward to continuing this project with the support of the gaming community.
    After the Kickstarter obligations are shipped out, the figures will become available to sale for the public as both individual figures and in units grouped by type.   The re-released figures will be coded in the following way:
                 50-xxx    Forces of Light
                 51-xxx    Forces of Darkness
                 52-xxx    Neutral Forces
    Several of the figures that previously held steel wire spears will now come with a variety of weapons to choose from; including Halberds, Pikes, Spears, Swords, and Axes.   Iron Wind Metal's new Dungeon Equipment line will be adding more new weapons periodically, to further increase your customization options.
    All of this Kickstarter's Starter Sets will include a pamphlet of the classic "Chaos Wars" rules.  Our classic rules sets will be made available online for free, as well as new rules for advanced large scale battles, campaigns, skirmish settings, and scenarios.
    A variety of pledge levels have been created, to meet your gaming, collecting, or painting needs.  We hope that you can help us bring back these great, classic miniatures, for a whole new generation of the hobby to enjoy
A Long Term Project
    As this project continues to the planned completion, over 550 out of production miniatures will be re-released.   Another 1200+ classic miniatures from Iron Wind's current ranges will be included in the Chaos Wars range.
    As we proceed forward, these and more classic miniatures (both out of production, and never before released) will continue to be released, and new miniatures sculpted to be compatible with the old, may be created.
Other Armies
    Concerned that you will only have Elves or Greenskins to play?  Don't be.  Iron Wind will begin offering regiments and brigade sized forces out of the currently available IWM lines.  This will provide initial forces for:  the Undead, Chaos, Troglodytes, Gnolls, Centaurs, Atlanteans, Ratlings, Dwarves, Halflings, Amazons, Samurai, Fae, Treemen, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, and Kingdoms of Men (which includes Norsemen, Desert Nomads, Jungle Warriors, Hoplites, and Arthurian Knights).    There are many more figures in each army to be re-released, but there should be plenty for you to choose from to get started.
A Note on Scale
    The Classic Chaos Wars rules work effectively with figures sized from 15mm up to 54mm, if you wish. 
The Chaos Wars miniature range is scaled to where a standard sized Human is 25mm tall.  We do have many miniatures that are 28mm or larger.  In this miniatures range, those larger are models intended to be Champions, Heroes, Lords, Demigods, or other not-quite-human races.  
    We encourage you to use our miniatures in whatever manner best suits your individual gaming needs.
Why Are We Doing This?
   Our goal is to be known as THE Miniatures Company for Miniatures Gamers.
   If you want to field Elves with Handguns, or Dwarves with Longbows... great.  We want to help you do that.  We intend to produce the miniatures and advanced rules that allow you to field what you want, how you want (and for the rules and points costs to be appropriately balanced so that your opponents enjoy the game also). 
We intend to regularly engage with the gaming community, offering gamers the ability to help shape the look, fluff, rules, releases, and box art for the Chaos Wars setting.
   We want to change the face of miniature wargaming, for the better.  We know it's a big task, but someone has to do it.  We feel we have a responsibility and opportunity to try.

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Jacob Fathbruckner
Chaos Wars Project Team - Iron Wind Metals